Friday, September 26, 2014

Twice a Best Actress: Katharine Hepburn (Part 1)

After taking on the Actors that received two Best Actor Oscars in Twice a Best Actor this past summer, we are back! This time diving into my favorite subject, Actresses. Namely the Actresses that are two-time Best Actress winners in, you guessed it, Twice a Best Actress. Fisti over at A Fistful of Films is the host of this series, so please head on over to read all about what our collective opinions are on this week's first entry, Katharine Hepburn. Well, at least her first two wins anyway. (She might just pop up here again, you know, since she's Quadruple a Best Actress and all.) Hepburn's first two wins aren't necessarily viewed very favorably, so make sure you see how our thoughts differ!

Katharine Hepburn
Best Actress 1933

Katharine Hepburn Morning Glory
May Robson Lady for a Day
Diana Wynyard Cavalcade

My Thoughts on Hepburn as Eva Lovelace in Morning Glory: "Often criticized for playing variations of herself, Kate really does seem to be making choices and creating an actual character different from herself..." (Click here for the complete write-up) C+

Best Actress 1967

Anne Bancroft The Graduate*
Faye Dunaway Bonnie and Clyde
Edith Evans The Whisperers
Audrey Hepburn Wait Until Dark
Katharine Hepburn Guess Who's Coming to Dinner

My Thoughts on Hepburn as Christina Drayton in Guess Who's Coming to Dinner: "Preachy, dull, and laughably dated, nothing is asked of Kate other than to be a stand-in for pro-interracial marriage..." (Click here for the complete write-up) C-

*My choice for Best Actress winner (I haven't seen Hepburn's fellow nominees' performances in 1933 so can't make a decision.) 


  1. I'm so glad you're a part of this again. Here's to a fun autumn with these ladies!

    1. yes! thanks for inviting me back! i'm calling it right now - vivien leigh takes it all!