Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Wait, Annie Hall shops at Chico's?

Everyone talks about the lack of roles for women as they get older. But, for the love of Reds,  I feel like there's got to be something better than this:

                                                          They say animals can sense danger...

The past couple of years have been hard for fans of Miss Keaton. Mad Money, Because I Said So. There will be no link for those movies. The less said the better.  She has a Best Actress Oscar nomination from every decade since the 70's. This is no way to get a fifth nom during this decade. Did anyone watch the PBS documentary about Woody Allen? I love how he affectionately refers to her simply as Keaton. But, my question is: why hasn't he written her another great part lately? Please, Woody. Save her from her current choices. And leave the Chico's commercials to Michael Plelps's mom...

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