Wednesday, November 30, 2011


So, for years I've been reading blogs about entertainment and always thought: man, I should do that. But, you know, I'm really lazy. There's TV to be watched, dammit. So, here we are. I've finally done it. It's definitely a work in progress. Right now the design is a little blogger 101. But, my goal is to bring news, thoughts, and complete randomness to this blog. It will mainly focus on films (new and old), actors and acting (I love Kate Winslet and Daniel Day-Lewis, so I probably won't be talking about oh, say, Selena Gomez. Except to say how baaaaaaad she is. Seriously, I just saw Monte Carlo. How is this girl getting paid to do this?), and then just whatever I may feel like bringing up. I want to inspire lively discussions so feel free to comment. And, most importantly, let's have some fun!

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