Sunday, January 29, 2012

Live Blogging The SAGs Ceremony

8:02 They're doing the classic intro for the SAGs: I'm an actor. Everyone is so awkward. You would think as actors they would be able to do better in saying such awful copy.

8:05 Best Supporting Actor: My roommate says that Armie Hammer has a great voice. Then we hear Leo in the J. Edgar clip who must definitely does not have the best voice. Especially in that movie.

8:07 Christopher Plummer wins. No surprise there. He has a sweet speech but keeps doing this odd thing with his mouth where he's making a sucking sound. Is he losing his dentures?

8:12 Best Supporting Actress: Octavia Spencer. Another no brainer. If she wasn't already winning the Oscar she would be with that speech. She managed to honor everyone from the woman who have come before her to pave the way and the present day down-trodden. Wow, imagine if this was actually an award that mattered...

8:22 Now we've gone to TV. Best Actor in a Comedy: Alec Baldwin. 6th consecutive win in this category! Man, Steve Carrell never wins anything. And now he will officially never win an award for 'The Office'. Some Country music starts playing in the middle of the '30 Rock' theme. Get it together SAGs!

8:25 Moving right along. Best Actress in a Comedy: Betty White. She won last year. Her clip was awful. Is it time for some Betty backlash? I just realized that theirs no supporting category. Its just everyone in there.

8:31 That was a fun montage of local actors in films. Its nice to honor working actors who make a living acting but don't get recognition. But, Mike Tyson as a local actor from Las Vegas is a bit of a stretch.

8:35 Best Ensemble in TV Comedy: Modern Family. Everything is so predictable. They even wrote a skit for the kids they were so confident of their win. After seeing that, is it too late to take back the award?

8:43 Best Actress in a TV Movie or Miniseries: Kate Winslet Mildred Pierce. I wrote that before they actually announced it. Where's Kate? Is she suddenly over winning awards?

8:47 Is that a wife-beater underneath Zoe Saldana's old lady caftan?

8:48 Best Actor in a TV Movie or Miniseries: Paul Giamatti Too Big To Fail. He's a no show as well. Makes the ceremony go more quickly. And now the SAG president is speaking so, scratch that...

8:59 That was the highlight of the evening. Drinking game from the set of Bridesmaids. Drink everytime someone says "Scorsese". There was a reason that movie was so successful. Those ladies are funny. Hopefully they bring the funny to the Oscars. God knows it needs it.

9:01 Mary Tyler Moore tribute. I'm making a salad. Talk amongst yourselves...

9:17 Best Actress in Drama: Jessica Lange 'American Horror Story' (Did Kathy Bates have a feather fan with her? Someone cast her as a Madame in a brothel soon.) Lange is really good at playing crazy, but part of me feels it's not that different from her real life.

9:21 "If Drag Queens love you, you'll have the longest career. They know phony and they know real." Kathie Lee Gifford courtesy of Tina Fey

9:23 Best Actor in a Drama: Steve Buscemi 'Boardwalk Empire' Drink! He said Scorsese!

9:26 Meryl now presents In Memoriam. She's so somber tonight. I don't like this Meryl.

9:37 Best Ensemble Drama: Boardwalk Empire. I still have to see that show. HBO sure takes its sweet ass time putting shows out on DVD at Netflix. (Which apparently, they're thinking about not doing at all anymore.) Luckily, the first season is up now. I'll get on it soon. Just as soon as I watch Roman Polanski's Tess. (God, I hate when I don't update my queue in time.)

9:41 Best Actor  (we're back to film): Jean Dujardin The Artist Finally, a surprise! I'm just glad it's not Clooney. Maybe the best Actor race is more exciting than we thought. Oh, to be charming and French...
(What was with Natalie Portman presenting? She seemed annoyed or exhausted. I know she has a newborn, but you don't think everyone else in that room isn't exhausted from all these awards ceremonies?)

9:52 Best Actress: Viola Davis The Help Emotional speech. I got a little misty eyed. I do love when people are able to do the thing they love. And Viola obviously loves acting.

9:56 Best Ensemble: The Help People really love that movie. I'm glad that it went to a film that actually is an ensemble.

And the ceremony is over in 2 hours. In and out, but as a whole- kinda boring. The music and copy just seemed so dated. The first SAGs were in 1995, but this ceremony seems even older than that.

Well, I've survived my first live-blog of an awards show. How do you feel about the winners? The real surprises really came toward the end. Do you feel most people had tuned out before then? On to the Oscars in Feb!

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