Thursday, January 5, 2012

Stars of Stage and Screen

I know. I feel the same way.
~Just like the 1930's search to find the perfect actress to portray Scarlett O'Hara (even Lucille Ball auditioned), the world has waited with bated breath to find out who would be cast as Eponine in the film version of Les Misérables. The world now lets out a collective sigh- and perhaps a, what the hell?!- as it has been confirmed that Taylor Swift has been offered the role. So...congratulations? I thought Lea Michele had this in the bag. I'm sure she thought so as well. I bet tensions have been pretty high on the set of "Glee" these past couple of days:
"Hey Lea. Great job on that song."

"Thanks. But I guess not as good as Taylor Swift, huh?" and <scene>
Luckily, there is good news. Actual actress, very good singer, and downright beauty, Amanda Seyfried, was offered the role of Cosette. I actually had her in mind for that part when I was casting this in my head. So, good job for reading my thoughts on that one, casting directors. Now, if we could make just one small change to the rest of casting...

~Taylor's future costar, Tony Award Winner, Hugh Jackman, just finished the ten week run of his one man show on Broadway. But he's already booked his return engagement. Jackman has signed on to play the title character in a new Broadway musical about the life of Houdini. The musical is aiming to come to Broadway in the 2013-14 season and will feature music by Stephen Schwartz (GodspellWicked) and book by Oscar winner, Aaron Sorkin. I'm especially excited about the inclusion of Sorkin. He's such a smart, fast-paced writer, I'd be interested in how he can bring that to the world of musicals.  And Jackman is becoming quite the go-to musical theatre performer lately. I'm actually loving that the man who plays Wolverine in the X-Men movies is just a song and dance man. And who doesn't love a singing magician?

~Does Jessica Chastain ever sleep? In addition to starring in every movie that came out in 2011, it was announced today that the eventual Oscar nominee would be coming to Broadway in a new revival of The Heiress in the Fall of  2012. The play, based on the Henry James novel Washington Square, and the character of Catherine have always been an awards magnet. The most recent revival won a Best Actress Tony for Cherry Jones and the 1949 film version of the play brought Olivia de Havilland a Best Actress Oscar. I bet the Juilliard trained Chastain is thrilled to be making her Broadway debut. If Scarlett Johansson can win a Tony, Chastain better start clearing out her trophy case now...

~And, finally, just cause he's so darn cute, "Glee" star, Darren Criss, in the poster for How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying. Criss took over last night for a three week run in the role previously played by Daniel Radcliffe. Apparently, he's no Harry. But a Jonas Brother will be taking his place shortly, so choose your tween heartthrob wisely...

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