Thursday, March 29, 2012

Casting Cate

Deadline is reporting that recent Oscar winner and movie-making legend, Woody Allen (perhaps you've heard of him), wants Cate Blanchett to star in his next film set in Copenhagen.

"Fine, Woody, I'll do the Copenhagen film. Just stop looking at me like that. You're frightening me."

(He also apparently would like Bradley Cooper in the cast as well...Yeah, maybe there's still some time to rethink that one. I feel like Bradley Cooper is always in talks for these major films with serious directors, but on what merits? A bunch of Rom-Com Ensembles and The Hangover series? I just don't get it. And he's already done an episode of 'Inside the Actor's Studio' where he proceeded to cry the entire time and talk about the craft of acting in Wedding Crashers. Yesh.)

The pairing of Cate and Woody sounds pretty good to me. We don't know anything about the movie yet, but Cate is always the right choice in my opinion. And with her work on the next Terrence Malick movies and (possibly) this film, she'll be working with a couple of living legends in the next couple of years.

I feel like its been awhile since we've seen Cate. There was a time in the mid-00s where she was in every other movie. But, her only two films over the past 3 years were Robin Hood (which I actually shut off because I was so bored. And I never stop watching a movie. I even sat through Godzilla with Matthew Broderick) and Hanna (which she was pretty great in).

I just hope it actually works out. Of my three favorite actresses working today (Winslet, Kidman, Blanchett), not one of them has been in one of Woody's films. Both Kate and Nicole were cast in films (Match Point for Kate and You Will Meet a Tall Dark Stranger for Nic), but both dropped out before filming. Hopefully things will be better for Cate. And Woody certainly has a knack for directing actresses to Oscars (Diane Keaton, Penélope Cruz, Mira Sorvino, Dianne Wiest–twice). Although, it's not like Cate needs another Oscar. But, if Hilary Swank has two...

There's no way to know for sure which direction the film will go either. We don't even know if it's a comedy or a drama. (I'm hoping for a comedy because I love when Cate let's loose and has some fun. But, doesn't the combo of Copenhagen and Cate just automatically equal snowy-set drama?) And his films can be wildly uneven, for every Midnight in Paris there's a Curse of the Jade Scorpion. (The man has been making a film a year since the 70s–they can't all be winners.) Fingers crossed that if a Woody and Cate pairing does happen, it'll be more like the former.

Until any concrete news is announced, we have his Rome set film this summer to look forward to. After the huge success of Midnight in Paris (Woody's most finically successful film to date), it'll be interesting to see how this one turns out. The Bop Decameron, Nero Fiddled, To Rome With Love stars Oscar nominees, Jesse Eisenberg, Ellen Page, and Alec Baldwin, plus Oscar winners, Penélope Cruz and...Roberto Benigni. Yikes. Maybe Roberto will prove that Oscar wasn't a fluke. But from the looks of this poster, it's not looking so good...

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