Thursday, March 8, 2012

Hasn't He Already Met His Weird Character Quota?

Remember in the 90's when Johnny Depp used to be in movies like What's Eating Gilbert Grape? and Donnie Brasco and everyone kept talking about what a great actor he was and how nuanced and rich his performances were? Things changed after the success of Pirates of the Caribbean. (I will not specify which one with the <colon, subtitle> because there is only one that actually exists in my mind. The other three are just a fever dream.) And now we get movies with this Johnny Depp:

The top is from a picture that producer Jerry Bruckheimer posted on his twitter account today from the set of Disney's film adaption of the TV series The Lone Ranger, due out next year. That's SAG nominee (and Meryl Streep photo-bomber) Armie Hammer as the titular character. And the bottom pic was a released still from Depp's millionth 8th collaboration with director Tim Burton, the film adaption of the TV series Dark Shadows, coming out this May. Basically, if Johnny liked a TV show from the 60's when he was kid, he's gonna do the film version of it.

I mean, where do I begin? The man has an actual dead crow on his head. The whole damn bird.

I remember when Alice in Wonderland came out and Helena Bonham Carter kept talking about how Burton always tells her not to be too weird or over-the-top and her reaction was, 'But you let Johnny do whatever he wants!' Thank god, somebody said it. When did we decide it was okay to let Johnny Depp do whatever the hell he feels like doing with a character? Just because he did something different (that worked) with Jack Sparrow, we are now subjected to strange caricatures that are just weird for weird's sake. And the rare times that he does try to play it normal as a regular human being (like Finding Neverland and Public Enemies), he does absolutely nothing. They're so boring they border on catatonic. Does it have to be such extremes, Johnny? How many more birds have to die so you can indulge in this ridiculousness?

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