Saturday, March 17, 2012

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

In addition to drinking, it's tradition on March 17th to wear green to avoid the sting of a pinch. So in honor of this tradition I've assembled the 10 Best Green Looks From Cinema. It may not be easy being green, but these characters certainly pull it off.

10. Ryan Reynolds as The Green Lantern
What's the best way to accessorize a CGIed skin-tight, green suit? With a gaudy green ring from space, of course.

9. Uma Thurman as Poison Ivy 
The movie may have been a disaster (batsuit nipples!), but at least Uma looked good in her plant-couture costumes. 

8. Errol Flynn as Robin Hood
Not every man is able to pull off green tights...

7. Peter Pan and Tinkerbell
Unless you're the boy who never grows up and your best friend is a fairy. Then you can get away with anything.

6. Keira Knightley as Celia in Atonement
I think more people talked about the dress than the actual film. It become a character unto itself.

5. Shrek
Everyone's favorite green ogre is made of green as well. The franchise has made over 3.4 billion dollars at the box office.

4. Vivien Leigh in Scarlett O'Hara's dress made from curtains
One of the most iconic dresses in the history of film. She saw it in the window and just couldn't resist it (this joke brought to you by The Carol Burnett Show).

3. Yoda
Luke Skywalker's Jedi Master: Inspiring jumbled-up word impressions since 1980 he has.

2. The Wicked Witch of the West
Why did she want those Ruby Slippers anyway? With her skin tone, she'd be walking around looking like Christmas. She was just jealous that they went so well with gingham.

1. Kermit the Frog
How could it be anyone else? Nothing brings quite as much joy as this amphibian made of green felt.

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