Sunday, December 11, 2011

It's A Coffee Luvah's Dream

One of my favorite scenes in film this year was Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling's courtship scene in Crazy, Stupid, Love. (It's such a shame that the film wasn't a bigger success. It was so smart and entertaining; really well written and acted. Which is a rarity in most rom coms. I just saw Friends With Benefits, so, believe me-it's rare.) It starts off with the Dirty Dancing lift and only gets better from there. Those two have such great chemistry (apparently I'm not the only one who thought so because they're starring together again in Gangster Squad). The actors really play off each other as the characters share more about themselves. It's a great combination of funny and sweet. At one point in the getting to know you montage, Stone starts doing a monologue about drinking a decaffeinated coffee at night. Is she coming up with that herself, I thought, because it's hilarious.

Around this same time my friend started calling everything "a coffee lover's dream".
What are you doing, I asked. What is that from?
Oh, you've never seen Lauren Bacall's commercials from the 80's for High Point? It's genius.
So, thanks to the randomness archive that is youtube, I was able to experience the crazy genius of High Point. And, wouldn't you know, Emma Stone's monologue is from one of those High Point commercials.
I'm so glad that this is in my life now. Bacall's delivery in her husky voice and Brooklyn accent make me laugh out loud every time. I can't decide what I love more: the table, complete with lamp, set up in the back of a car, the glass teacups placed on top of each other capturing that deep brewed flavah, or the possessed look in her eyes-as if taking the caffeine away somehow has made her more intensely high strung. She may not have an Oscar, but she'll always have High Point. Mmmm...

Watch Emma Stone's take on it after the break at around 1:16...

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