Thursday, December 8, 2011

Truer Words Were Never Spoken

Penny: Mmmmm, Eggnog is delish! Dairy and liquor are really one of those underrated combinations
Alex: Kinda like Garry Marshall and Hector Elizondo. Yeah, they may be coming for Julia Roberts and Annie Hathaway- but they're staying for Elizondo

 How timely. Gary Marshall and Hector Elizondo's latest collaboration, New Year's Eve, opens tomorrow. I could not stop laughing last night about that joke. I almost missed the Glengary Glenn Ross reference. The jokes and pop culture references come fast and furious on this show. I hope everyone is watching Happy Endings. When it debuted last year as a midseason replacement, I was not very impressed. It just seemed like a generic sitcom and ABC kept airing the episodes out of order. But, they have really developed a creative comedic voice and found their characters. (Casey Wilson needs an Emmy nomination.) It has quickly become my favorite comedy on television right now.

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