Monday, April 30, 2012

Kiki's Golden Birthday

Today, April 30th, marks the golden birthday (that's the birthday that you turn the age that the day is. And this is a milestone birthday: 30!) of Kirsten Dunst.

Kiki is one of the only actresses (the other is Keira Knightley) that when you mention her, most people talk about how much they dislike her. I've seen people get really adamant about it. I don't know where all the hate comes from, but I've enjoyed her since her days as a young vampire. So, in honor of her birthday, here are 30 things to celebrate about Kirsten.

  • Her imperfect teeth. As someone who grew up hating the gap in my front teeth, I've learned to appreciate it's uniqueness. And Kiki's snaggletooth gives her a quirky charm. 
"I want some more."
  • It's KEER-sten, not KUR-sten. (Remember when you had to call to get movie times? I heard that dreaded digital tone and that automated voice telling me, "I'm sorry. I didn't get that", when I corrected their pronunciation of her name once...)
  • Receiving a Golden Globe nomination at the age of 12 for Best Supporting Actress in Interview With the Vampire
  • She speaks German and gained dual citizenship (Germany and USA) in 2011.
"You don't need scores of suitors. You only need one–if he's the right one."
  • Turned down the role of Angela in American Beauty because she was 15 and didn't want to kiss Kevin Spacey. Kiki, NO ONE wants to kiss Kevin Spacey...
  • "Well this isn't an American Teen Princess Pageant! This...this...this is Nazi Germany!"
  • Appeared in a made for TV movie entitled, Fifteen and Pregnant. I wonder what it's about...
  • Playing the love interest of an obvious homosexual in that 90s pop sensation Savage Garden's "I Knew I Loved You" music video
  • Her first "adult" role as the mysterious Lux in Sofia Coppala's The Virgin Suicides.
  • Roller skating with Michelle Williams in Nixon's White House in Dick.
"Courtney, this is not a Democracy. It's a Cheer-ocracy."
  • Her refusal to wear a bra in any scene in Crazy/Beautiful. That's how you can tell what a free spirit she is!
  • Reenacting Marion Davies' silent films in The Cat's Meow
  • One of the most iconic screen kisses ever:
  • Dancing around with Mark Ruffalo in their underwear in Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
  • Her multiple costume changes in Marie Antoinette
  • Appearing on the cover of the coveted September Issue of Vogue in costume as Marie Antoinette
  • Her ad campaign for Bvlgari with a lion:
  • Giving her best work to date in the little seen All Good Things
  • Joining the ranks of Isabelle Huppert and Barabra Hershey as a Best Actress award winner at the Cannes Film Festival for Melancholia
  • Went to rehab for depression, but used that negative into a positive as she channeled that time to play the depressed Justine in Melancholia (a role she took over for Penelope Cruz)
  • Has a production company called Wooden Spoon Productions
  • Whatever the hell this crazy/beatuful thing is:

  • Her priceless reactions to Lars Van Trier's remarks at Cannes
  • Cameo in the Sundance screened short about the Beastie Boys Fight For Your Right (Revisited)
  • Upcoming girls-being-ranchy-and-funny comedy Bridesmaids Bachlorette
  • Her attachment to play Blondie singer Debbie Harry in a biopic directed by Michel Gondry
  • Doesn't have a Golden Oscar, yet, for her Golden birthday. But, it seems like she'll be nominated in the very near future...

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