Saturday, April 14, 2012

Saturday Mornings Chat and Chew

Trent: So, uh, you hung-up on which one?

Mike: Michelle

Trent: You hung-up with your girlfriend?

Mike: Ex

Trent: Oh, so, now she's your ex?!?

Mike: She was always my ex.

Trent: Yeah, right.
          You hung-up with her?

Mike: I wanted to take the other call.

Trent: What she say when you called her back?

Mike: I didn't.

Trent: You didn't call her back?

Mike: No

Trent: Why not, Mike?

Mike: Didn't occur to me.

Trent: Didn't occur to you?

Mike: It didn't

Trent: You've been, uh, tearing yourself up about this girl for six months. Didn't occur to you?

Mike: No

Trent: Well, Michael, I'll bite.
Mike: You know, man, I didn't understand it either. It's all so hard. Then it hit me on the way over here.
           like a ton of bricks. It's all so simple. When you...

Trent: Dude, wait a second...I'm getting vibe like in a really. Weird. Way here...This girl's looking at me
            like she knows me a little bit.

Mike: You don't recognize her?

Trent: I don't know. I could've been out with Sue one night drinking and told her I was a race car
          driver or something. No, I think I would remember this girl. I don't think I've ever met her before. I
          would definitely remember this one. She's got a lot of confidence, man. She's doing like...Wow...

Mike: What's going...

Trent: Mike, stop, stop. Stop, alright? Just stop. She's playing a little game, like a fun thing with me.
           Come on, you little party girl. That's it. Come on. Fun little games? You wanna play fun little
           games? Come on, you nasty little, cute little, baby.

Mike: What are you doing?

Trent: Mike, Mike, Mike, Mike, Mike. Stop. Don't. Don't. Don't. She's smiling at me. She's playing
           fun little baby games. She don't know me. She doesn't know my address. You know my address?
           You little...Oh, you...Hold on...She's coming over, dude. Play it cool. She's coming over. She's
           like the wild loony. But I threw, like, the great vibe at her. The funny vibe. You'll see.

Woman: Mommy's big boy. we're gonna go bye-bye now. Yes, we're gonna go bye-bye. We're gonna
            go home. Gonna play with Daddy.

Trent:...So, um, so you called her up, right? Or you didn't call her up? Why didn't you call her? You
            said you didn't call her? Why didn't you call her? Mike?

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