Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Yeah, But Their Costumes Come Off...

Summer isn't even here yet and I'm kinda over all the blockbusters vying for our attention. And try as I might, I just can't muster up any excitement for two of the biggest ones, The Avengers or Prometheus. Every day seems to bring a new clip from the films or a new screen grab from the teaser trailer, leading up to the actual trailer, and I don't even think about clicking on it. And the thing is, I've seen all the Marvel superhero movies (Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, Iron Man 2: The Curse of ScarJo) that make up said Avengers. I enjoyed them all, more or less (Are we including the two Hulk movies or are we supposed to pretend they didn't happen? Which, I mean, I'm fine with...). But, something about them all together (now with Oscar nominees Mark Ruffalo and Jeremy Renner!) makes me less than thrilled. How are they gonna cram all of them in and have a story that make senses? And more importantly, where are Gwyneth and Natalie? I need at least one Oscar winning actress in my superhero movies (Dark Knight Rises, you are so lucky you have Marion).

And my disinterest in Prometheus isn't necessarily the movies fault. I haven't even watched anything to be turned-off by it. But, the thing goes...I've never seen any of the films in the Aliens franchise. Are you happy now? I said it. So it's hard for me to get excited about something that I know nothing about nor have any special affinity for. And Prometheus even stars two actors that I really like. Charlize, Fassy, help me out here! Should I feel bad about not wanting to see it? It's not even like a real mindless blockbuster either. Serious film lover's seem genuinely interested in it. But, sci-fi is my least favorite genre. Kinda like Japanese is my least favorite type of food. Sci-fi is the sushi of cinema for me. And I know lots of people love sushi, but it's just not my thing.

What is my thing, however, is Channing Tatum's...thing. And we can finally feast our eyes on the newly minted A-lister's ass-ets (I'm Carrie Bradshaw all of a sudden with the sexual puns) in the trailer that was just released of his summer movie, Magic Mike.

Now this looks like the perfect summer movie. A charismatic Channing doing all his moves from Step Up in half the amount of clothes. Matthew McConaughey in a performance that looks bat-shit crazy/awesome (there's Oscar talk for a Supporting Actor Nom? Yeah, I'm game). It seems like just the right amount of escapism and intelligence (quiet, you) to make up for all the load explosions and aliens invading the movie theaters in the next couple of months.

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