Saturday, April 7, 2012

Saturday Mornings Chat and Chew

Waiter: Just sit anywhere you want

Claire: Actually, I'm...meeting people...
(Sits down and sees TODD from across the room.) 

(Goes to his table and sits down.) Have you seen Ronna or Mannie? (Shows stamp on hand like Todd's) Twins. We usually meet here in case we get separated. Thanks for buying me breakfast. Unless you wanna sit alone. I...

Todd: No...fine.

Claire: See, I knew you weren't all evil.

So, What do have against 'The Family Circus'?

Todd: Okay, you sit down to read your paper, and you're enjoying your entire two page comic spread, right? And there's 'The Family-fuckin'-Circus' in the bottom right-hand corner just waiting to suck. And that's the last thing you read, so it spoils everything you read before.

Claire: You could just not read it.

Todd: I hate it, yet I'm uncontrollably drawn to it. Are you gonna...

Claire: You know what I like about you? I mean, it's not your face–you're only medium cute. But, I think it's, I don't know, you're the first none-fake person I've met here. It's kinda nice.

Todd: Professional curiosity–what are you on?

Claire: I'm serious!

Todd: So am I. What are you on?

Claire: Ginseng and Dexatrim
You know what I like best about Christmas? The surprises. I mean, it's like you get this box and you're sure you know what's inside of it. You know–You shake it, you weigh it, you're totally convinced you have it pegged. No doubt in your mind. But, then you open it up and it's completely different. You know–Wow! Bang! Surprise! I mean, it's kinda like you and me here, you know. I'm not saying it's anything it's not. It's...But, c'mon, this same time yesterday–who'da thunk it? (Cut to...)

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